Summer Reading Challenge

Reading Literacy is a prerequisite for comprehension in all subject areas within the educational system. lt is also essential for functional social interaction and communication. National Education Policy 2020 and Padhe Bharat, Badhe Bharat initiative highlight the requirement for foundational reading skills to enable children to become "motivated, independent and engaged readers".

After the Covid 19 hit online learning period, many students are found lacking in the basic reading skills which demands immediate attention for rectification.

With emphasis on promoting Reading Literacy among students, KVS Ernakutam Region is organizing Summer Reading Challenge - 2023 for classes 6th to loth and 12th in which the students will be provided with impetus to read the Supplementary text book / Main Course Book in English of their respective classes (as the first phase) with comprehension. The questions made available will urge the students to construct meaning by retrieving, interpreting and integrating information, draw inferences, reflect and critically analyze and evaluate the text and thus to create their own knowledge and socially beneficial and acceptable principles.

Procedure for Participation
  • The Summer Reading Challenge - 2023 will be conducted online through Google Forms.
  • The students will take the online assessment through their G-suite lD provided by the school after reading each chapter / Unit.
  • lt can be done any time during the Summer Vacation. But it is advisable to follow a setf-made schedule spanning the vacation.
  • There will be 5 multiple choice questions and one descriptive type question from each chapter/Unit.
  • The answer to the descriptive question should be written in a notebook and then the page concerned is to be scanned and uploaded in the Google classroom.
  • The descriptive question will not be evaluated immediately. The subject teachers will evaluate the descriptive questions individually as holiday assignment.
  • 05 MCQs from each chapter will be evaluated automaticatly on completion and the score will be made available to the students.
  • Certificates will be issued to the students on the basis of the scores graded as (MCes only) Outstandin g(1OO%, - Excellent (90%to99%) -Very Good (75% -89). All participants who attempt all questions will get participation certificates.

All Kendriya Vidyalayas may encourage students to participate in the Reading Challenge as it would provide participants prospect to practice and validate their reading skills and further induct them into the self-reliant world of reading books

Attempt the Reading Challenge Now!

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Class VI Challenges

Attempt the questions based on A Pact with the Sun: Supplementary Reader for Class VI

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Class VII Challenges

Attempt the questions based on An Alien Hand: Supplementary Reader for Class VII

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Class VIII Challenges

Attempt the questions based on It So Happened: Supplementary Reader for Class VIII

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Class IX Challenges

Attempt the questions based on Main Course Book: for Class IX

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Class X Challenges

Attempt the questions based on Footprints without Feet: Supplementary Reader for Class X

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Class XII Challenges

Attempt the questions based on Vistas: Supplementary Reader for Class VIII



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